The CBC News Network asked for Cooper’s views on Kelly Knight Cross arriving in Ottawa to assume her duties as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

CTV news, on Diplomatic morale, CTV November 8, 2015

Alex Whiting Reuters on Diplomatic Afterlives book. “Does the emergence of global statesmen help or hinder the charity world?” Reprinted in the New York Times.

Wisconsin Public Radio with Andrew Cooper The diplomatic afterlives of modern leaders (July 14, 2015)

CTV Power Play with Andrew Cooper G7 is a ‘fading force’ (June 8, 2015) (video)

I have done recent commentary for the New York Times and Guardian related to the role of Dennis Rodman as a very unlikely ‘diplomatic’ actor.  I also received attention from a presentation I did at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs on March 4, 2013 with Chicago Bears lineman Israel Idonije.

I continue to do a wide variety of media appearances – both on themes relevant to global buzz and diplomatic bite. My work has been profiled via ABC Good Morning America, The Independent, The Guardian, Times of India, China Daily, CBC’s Q, Variety Magazine, and the Washington Diplomat. I have done interviews on the G20, the BRICS, Canadian foreign policy, and celebrity activism in a wide number of media outlets as listed below.


Recent Media

Book Featured (June 30, 2015): Diplomatic Afterlives was profiled in the New York Times 

Book Excerpt (Dec 5, 2014): The Mail  & Guardian, a leading newspaper in South Africa,  published the Mandela chapter of andrew Cooper’s  Diplomatic Afterlives book on the 1st anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death.

Featured article,Where Diplomats Fear to Tread”, New York Times, Room for Debate,

Article: March 17, 2013

Op-Ed,“Dennis Rodman: A new breed of anti-diplomat”, The Guardian, March 6, 2013

Article: From A-Lister to Aid Worker: Celebrity Diplomacy, presentation at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs on March 4, 2013 with Chicago Bears lineman Israel Idonije
From The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

InterviewCelebrity Diplomacy: Fad or Phenomenon,” France 24, Beyond Business, Paris, January 2012. Celebrity diplomacy: fad or phenomenon? – FRANCE 24

Does star power do any good? A Q & A on ‘celebrity diplomacy .. (March 20, 2012)

Interview, New York Daily News, ‘Angelina Jolie’s UN Refugee Agency status puts spotlight on pros and cons of ‘celebrity diplomacy’  

Quoted on page 1 of the Globe and Mail, “Canada dives into Pacific trade talks – but at what cost? Globe and Mail, June 19, 2012.



Recent Invited/Conference talks

“The Group of Twenty: Input and Output Legitimacy, Reforms, and Agenda,” Conference on “The Evolving Global Architecture: From a Centralized to a Decentralized System,” Asian Development Bank Institute and S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, March 27-28

Participant on opening panel of conference on “Korea’s Global Leadership: Accomplishes and Challenges,” sponsored by the Korea Development Institute, Seoul, May 8.

Speaking tour sponsored by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, “The G20 after the Los Cabos Summit,” Berlin and Brussels, June 2012.

“Squeezed or Revitalized? The Middle Power model, the G20, and the evolution of Global Governance,” paper presented to panel on Foreign Policy Strategies and New Global Order at the Madrid 2012, XXll World Congress of Political Science, July 8-12.

“Key Themes in Understanding 21st Century Diplomacy: Top-Down
Processes, Instrumentalism, ‘Brand’ Differentiation, and Submerged Challenges,” IFANS Conference on Global Affairs,“New Diplomatic Challenges and Responses in the 21st Century, ” October 24, 2012, Seoul, Korea

“From Boom to Bust? the G20 from Washington to Los Cabos,” paper presented at a conference on “The role of China and the EU in new economic governance,” University of the Ruhr, Bochum, November 5 and 6.

“De-centering the G20 in Global Governance: From a Concert of Power to a Networking Focal Point,’ paper presented at authors’ workshop, “De-centring Regional Power: Global Power Shifts,” International Institutions and Non-State Actors German Institute for Global Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg 14 December 2012.

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