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Trials And Tribulations Of Small States

A protestor waves an Icelandic flag outside the Central Bank of Iceland during a demonstration in Reykjavik, Oct. 10, 2008 (AP Photo/Arni Torfason).

First published on 15.03.2012. Two trials that connect small states to different dimensions of financial mismanagement have grabbed my attention in the last few weeks. The first – the trial of Geir Haarde, the former Prime Minister of Iceland –

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Has Bono Gone Missing From Summit Diplomacy?

Bono with Carla Bruni Sarkozy. (Carla Bruni Foundation)

First published on 02.06.2011. Among the intricacies of the recent G8 summit held in Deauville, France last week (May 26-27) one gap in participation has received no attention. This is the absence of Bono! I have attended a few G8s

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Internet Gambling And Caribbean Celebrity


First published on 16.04.2011. I have a new book out on Internet Gambling Offshore: Caribbean Struggles over Casino Capitalism world of celebrities (Palgrave Macmillan IPE series). The core theme of the book is how Antigua, a state of 70,000 people,

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Bono vs. The Rolling Stones

Bono at the World Economic Forum. (Getty Images)

First published on 30.01.2011. The image of Bono taking centre stage once again at Davos on a panel about ‘Raising Healthy Children’ could easily open up another grueling debate about the merits of the U2 lead singer as a global

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Small States Are Trying To Shake Up The Global System

Maldivian President Mohammed Nasheed arrives for an underwater meeting of the Maldives' Cabinet (AP Photo/Mohammed Seeneen).

First published on 15.12.2010. The financial crisis accentuated the impression that big countries have enormous privileges in international relations. Not only have the bigs held onto their traditional status through the retention of features such as the Permanent 5 in

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Inside Job


First published on 19.02.2010. The Oscar’s are coming up so it is a good opportunity to delve into some divergent areas of celebrity activism. One of the most interesting competitions this year is for the Best Documentary category, where among

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Celebrities And Haiti

Wyclef Jean during his election campaign. (Getty Image)

First published on 23.01.2010. The rush by celebrities to provide support for Haiti holds our attention by the sheer extent of the mobilization by star power. But after the show is over what should we make of this phenomenon? Is

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Bono’s Activist Touring Shifts To The G20

First published on 11.09.2011 Bono’s hybrid life was fully on display in Toronto last Friday. His life with U2 was presented in the form of the documentary “From the Sky Down” as the opening gala screening at the TIFF –

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Obama’s G20 Troubles

The first day of the French G20 is a good indication the U.S. is losing its dominant role — and even strong interest — in the G20. By way of contrast, with the pivotal role that the U.S. enjoyed in

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G20 Must Discuss What G8 Was Scared To

Winston Churchill once whipsawed a main political rival by saying that he was “a modest man, but then he has so much to be modest about.” The same could be said about May’s Camp David G8. In the past, a major

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